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Weak and Broken


Weak And Broken
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On this page, you will find the bios of the main characters in our story.

Joni Donnahue

Joni is Kaitlynne's older sister. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She loves to write and can also play piano and guitar. She tends to put others before herself, usually Kaitlynne. When their parents die, Joni gets mixed with the wrong crowd and gets into alcohol, but Isaac is able to turn her around.

Kaitlynne Donnahue

Kaitlynne is the younger of her and Joni. She has blue eyes and brown hair as well, but she has black highlights due to her fascination with highlighting her hair different colors. Like Joni, she loves to write and Joni taught her some piano and guitar. Kaitlynne gets sick of breaking down, so she hides her feelings until she cracks and goes into a major depression that only Taylor is able to snap her out of.

Isaac Hanson

Isaac is the oldest Hanson child. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is the advisor in the family. He developes a crush on Joni later in the story and is the only one who can help her when she mixes with the wrong crowd.

Taylor Hanson

Taylor is the second oldest in the family. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is the peacemaker. After he and Kaitlynne start dating, Kaitlynne goes into a depression that only Taylor can make her snap out of.

Zac Hanson

Zac is the third oldest child. He is blonde and has brown eyes. Zac is the crazy one with a hidden emotional side. He can make anyone laugh and he is partly responsible for bringing Kaitlynne out of her depression.

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