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Weak and Broken

Chapter Eleven

Weak And Broken
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Chapter Eleven

She Thinks His Name Was John

March 28-29th, 1998

Tulsa, Oklahoma


            Joni sat outside eating her lunch, as she had since the night she let Allysen influence her to drink as much as she did. She still wished she had called Isaac that night. Her life was still going downhill fast. First her parents’ deaths, then the move, she rarely, if ever smiled, and now Kaitlynne was no longer her bubbly happy self. It had been a week since Kaitlynne had seen Taylor, and whenever he asked to take her out, she claimed she wasn’t feeling well, or just didn’t want to. Joni wished she could turn back the hands of time so she could stop everything that happened.

            “Hey, Joni,” a voice came from above her. She looked up to see Kyle Gordan standing across the table.

            “Oh, hey, Kyle,” Joni answered.

            “Do you mind if I sit here?” Kyle asked.

            Joni shrugged. “No, I don’t mind.” Kyle was the only real friend she had. He seemed to have two separate personalities; one for when he was with his football friends, and another for when he was with his close friends. The latter was what he showed to Joni. He was sweet, gentle, kind, and accepted Joni for who she was, despite her constant melancholy attitude. He had a nice smile and his green eyes were always sincere; his full attention was always on Joni whenever she was talking. Just like Isaac. Maybe that’s why she was drawn to him. He reminded her of Isaac. It wasn’t like she was going to date the boy; Isaac had already claimed her, but she enjoyed being around him.

            “I’m having a party at my place tomorrow night,” Kyle said, resting his hands on the table. “And I was just wondering, would you like to come?”

            Joni’s ears perked up at the word ‘party’. That meant there would be alcohol. That also meant she would be able to forget about her parents’ deaths for one night. She would be happy again.

            “It’s only going to be the boys, and a few of my close friends,” Kyle continued. “But I would like it if you could come too. You’ve been pretty low the past while, and I thought this might cheer you up a bit.”

            Joni nodded. “Yeah, I’d love to. I’ll go.”

            “You know how to get to my place right?” Kyle asked.

            Joni blushed slightly. “Not really.”

            Kyle gave her one of those winning smiles again. “Don’t worry about. I’ll pick you up at six tomorrow night?”

            Joni nodded. “Yeah. That’d be great.”

            The bell rang, and Joni and Kyle headed inside the school. After wishing each other a good afternoon and a quick hug, they headed for their classes.

            The day went by fairly quick for Joni and before she realized it, it was time for her to leave and pick up Kaitlynne from school. She pulled up in front of the middle school, and watched as Kaitlynne made her way to the car, bidding her friends goodbye.

            “Hey, Kaity,” Joni smiled as Kaitlynne threw her bag in the back seat.

            Kaitlynne got in the passenger seat, no smile gracing her features. “Hi.”

            Joni sighed. She knew Kaitlynne wasn’t in any mood to talk, so she said nothing. Kaitlynne never wanted to talk anymore, only to ask somebody to pass the potatoes.

            They got home, and after homework, Kaitlynne retreated to her room, while Joni curled up on the couch to watch a movie. The movie finished, and Joni went to bed early so she would be rested for the party tomorrow night.

            The next day at school was the same as usual. She made a couple of last minute preparations with Kyle before she left to pick up her sister. She got home, and headed upstairs to get changed. She pulled on her hip-hugging blue denim miniskirt, and a violet halter top. Kaitlynne was going out with Taylor to a movie that night, so there was no need for her to worry. She got back downstairs to see her aunt and uncle standing at the door, getting ready to leave.

            “Where are you guys going?” Joni asked, as Kaitlynne poked her head around the kitchen doorway.

            “We have to go to Oklahoma City for the weekend,” Uncle Jacob answered. “There’s been a slight emergency. I need you to do me a favour, Joni, and take Kaitlynne to the party with you tonight.”

            “What?” Joni asked. “But she’s going out with Taylor tonight.”

            Aunt Lynda shook her head. “Not tonight. We need you to take her with you. So try not to be home too late.”

            Kaitlynne came into the foyer. “It’s not like I won’t be okay. I’ve gone out with Taylor before. I’ll be alright.”

            “No, Kaitlynne,” Uncle Jacob said firmly. “You will go with Joni tonight. If you want to spend time with Taylor, take him with you.”

            Aunt Lynda smiled warmly. “We’ll see you girls when we get home.” And they left.

            Joni cursed under her breath. She wanted to drink at that party, and now she wouldn’t be able to with Kaitlynne tagging along. What would Kyle say when he pulled up to see Joni and Joni Jr. sitting on the front steps? Not to mention a Hanson if Kaitlynne really wanted to see him. Her plans were ruined.

            “I really want to see Taylor tonight,” Kaitlynne sighed. “I haven’t seen him in a week.”

            Joni looked down at her sister. “Then we’ll take him with us.” Maybe if Taylor kept Kaitlynne busy, Joni could disappear into another room and be happy.

            “But then everyone will know your sister is dating a Hanson, and you’ll get all the unwanted attention,” Kaitlynne protested.

            “Don’t worry about it, Kaity,” Joni said. “You wanted to see Taylor tonight. You were going out with him anyway, so why don’t you just let him come, and be happy. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

            Kaitlynne nodded, and went upstairs to get changed.

            The doorbell rang a moment later, and Joni let Taylor inside. She told him about the change of plans, which he didn’t have a huge problem with. He was a little annoyed that he couldn’t spend the night alone with Kaitlynne, but he would make the adjustment.

            Kyle pulled up in a black Jaguar right at six o’clock like he said he would. He gave Joni a confused look when two extra people got in the backseat.

            “Sorry, Kyle,” Joni apologized. “My aunt and uncle insisted I bring them with me.”

            Kyle shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll find something to entertain them.”

            Taylor rolled his eyes. Like they really needed entertaining. He had a strange feeling they would need to keep an eye on Joni instead of worrying about being entertained by high school kids.

            They got to Kyle’s house, which was a bit bigger than the Hansons’, and had quite a few cars parked in the driveway and on the street. Kyle found an empty spot on the street, and parked the car. The four got out of the car, and headed inside the house where loud rock music blared from speakers thrown throughout the house and backyard.

            Kyle leaned closer to Joni’s ear as the music got louder. “Drinks are in the fridge. Help yourself sweetie.”

            Joni smiled, and followed a few guests into the kitchen, where she found bottles of rum, vodka, Kailua, Dr. McGillicudy’s, various brands of beer, and whiskey. She immediately reached for the rum, and mixed herself a strong rum and Pepsi. She took a sip, and immediately melted.

            Kyle led Kaitlynne and Taylor downstairs to the wreck room, where a few guests, who still had yet to get drunk, where playing pool, and darts, and various other games.

            Kaitlynne rolled her eyes as she sat down, a glass of Pepsi in her hand. “This is stupid. I want to check on Joni.”

            Taylor laid a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry. We’ll check later when the party gets started.”

            Kaitlynne sighed. She knew it was the better thing to do, but she was worried about her sister. She had been since the last time she drank.

            While Joni stood in the kitchen, she carried a conversation with Allysen, who was downing her third vodka and orange juice. One of Kyle’s friends entered the kitchen, and caught Joni’s eye. He was tall, with broad shoulders, and the most beautiful blue eyes, and the darkest hair she’d ever seen. He was handsome a million times over. He passed her a smile, which made her weak in the knees. His smile was so bright, and sweet. Lord, he was handsome. He strode over to her, running his eyes up and down her frame several times over.

            “Hey, baby,” he smiled. “You one of Kyle’s friends?” His voice was smooth and gentle. And deep. Even his voice was handsome.

            Allysen grinned. “I think I will leave you two alone to get better acquainted.” And she left the room.

            Joni nodded, giving him a real smile. “Yeah. You?”

            The boy shrugged. “I’m a friend of a friend of Kyle’s, you could say.”

            Joni laughed.

            He extended a hand. “John, John Hopkins.”

            She shook his hand. He had a strong but gentle grip. “Joni, Joni Donnahue.”

            “Joni,” John repeated. “That’s a pretty name. You don’t hear it too often anymore.”

            The two continued to talk for a while, before migrating to the living room, after Joni’s fourth rum and Pepsi. Joni started bouncing to the music, which caused John to start laughing, and to join in.

            Taylor and Kaitlynne watched from the doorway. Kaitlynne couldn’t believe it. She had never seen her this happy. Not since their parents died. On any other given night, she would be sitting alone in her room, sad, and even crying. But now, she was laughing, and dancing. With a guy she’d only just met a couple of hours ago.

            “I’ve never seen her this happy,” Kaitlynne said. “Not since mom and dad died.”

            Taylor shook his head. “This is too good to be true, Kaity. This isn’t Joni… It’s just not her.”

            “I know, Taylor,” Kaitlynne answered. “But she’s happy. I’d give anything to see her smile like that again. I just hope it’s not the alcohol.”

            Taylor tried not to groan out loud. “C’mon, Kaity, this is a high school party. Of course she’s been drinking a bit, I can see it in the way she’s dancing… She’s been drinking.”

            Kaitlynne looked up at Taylor. “Do you think we should call your brother?”

            Taylor shook his head. “Not yet. She’s not drunk yet.”

            “Yet being the key word, Taylor,” Kaitlynne answered. “You remember what happened last time. She was too drunk to wake up, let alone acknowledge anyone.”

            Taylor sighed, giving Kaitlynne a hug. “Listen, the night is still young. We’ll both keep an eye on her as the night wears on. Now, let’s get out of this room before I get sick… Too many moving bodies, and alcohol… blah.”

            Kaitlynne laughed slightly. “Okay.” And they headed back downstairs where it was cooler, and there were less people.

            Joni laughed as she stumbled into John’s arms.

            “Are you okay?” he asked.

            “Yes,” Joni laughed.

            John leaned closer to her ear. “Hey, do you want to head upstairs where it’s quieter?”

            Joni nodded. “Sure.” She went into the kitchen to grab what was left of the rum. “But not without my rum.”

            John laughed. “Of course not, baby.” He led her upstairs to a vacant bedroom at the other side of the house, and closed the door behind him. He sighed. “That’s better.”

            Joni smiled, sitting on the bed. John sat beside her, his hand on her knee, while she drank the rum right out of the bottle. She threw her head back. “Oh-God-that’s-good-shit.” Her speech was slurred horribly.

            John smiled. “Of course it is, darling. Nothing beats a good bottle of rum.”

            Joni shook her head. “Nope, nothing does.” Everything was bright, and in slow motion. She was feeling good.

            The hand on her knee slowly drifted upwards towards the top of her thigh. John leaned in, and slowly laid gentle kisses along her neck.

            Joni rolled her neck back. Lord, he was a good kisser. She set the rum on the bedside table. It still had a bit left in it. She knew she would want it later.

            He leaned in further, gently pushing her back onto the bed. She let him guide her body down onto the bed, his lips caressing her neck.

            “You are so beautiful,” John whispered into her ear.

            Joni loved hearing those words. She felt good when she heard them. His lips trailed over her chin, and up to her mouth. He gently brought her to sit up, while his fingers found the tie of the halter top. His gentle fingers untied the top, then he pulled it over her head to have it land on the floor beside the bed. She guided her hands to the bottom of his shirt, and did away with it in the same fashion, his shirt joining her top on the floor. This continued until there was nothing between them but bare skin.

            His eyes darkened, and a sly smile spread itself across his face as he prepared himself for what he was about to do. She was so easy now that she was highly intoxicated. He’d had her right from the moment he set foot in that kitchen. This was a piece of cake. He grinned as he lowered himself to enter her.

            She gasped as she was entered, swallowing. Her fingers ran through his hair. Her world was a blur. She didn’t quite understand what was happening, all she knew was that she felt good; all she knew was this man was satisfying her every need. She moved into him, moved to his thrusts, sweat beading over her body. His thrusts were quick, giving him pleasure faster than her. Just the way he wanted it to be. He felt himself reaching the breaking point. The sooner the better. The sooner he could leave her breathless, leave her a little something to remember him by, and get out of the room, and her life. He knew this was her first time; she was letting him lead, which was more than okay by him.

            She felt him nearing his breaking point. Already? she wondered. Why was this going so fast? This was supposed to be an enduring experience. She didn’t understand.

            His perfect features were no longer so perfect, as he writhed with the built-up pressure. He finally let go, and she could feel the ejaculation swim up through her. He smiled. His mission was complete. He calmed down, and pulled out. He leaned down to her ear. “You enjoy your night, sweetheart. I had a great time tonight. It’s been fun.” He got up off of the bed, and quickly got dressed. Before Joni completely understood what was going on, he had left the room. She was still confused about everything. What had just happened? She didn’t understand. She slowly sat up, and with her sight still blurred, managed to get dressed again. She grabbed the bottle of rum, and staggered out of the bedroom door, looking for John, but he was nowhere to be seen.

            Kyle came up the stairs and saw the confused look on her face. He remembered seeing John leading her up the stairs but thought nothing of it. He hoped nothing had happened. “Joni,” he took her arm gently. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

            She took a swig of the rum. “I don’t know…” She swayed on her feet, before she keeled over, vomiting on the floor.

            Kyle looked up to see if anyone was still sober other than himself. He did see someone, and called them over. He told them to watch her, while he went to find Joni’s sister and friend, while also keeping an eye out for John. He saw John first, about ready to leave the house. He approached him.

            “What did you do to Joni?” he asked up front. “You did something, now what did you do?”

            John smiled. “Nothing she couldn’t handle. And besides, she didn’t protest.”

            Anger flared in Kyle’s eyes. “You fucking bastard. Of course she didn’t protest, she was drunk. You took advantage of her, didn’t you? You little son of a bitch.”

            “And why are you so worried? It’s not like you’re going out with her,” John said.

            Kyle rolled his eyes. “What’s that got to do with anything? She’s my friend, and I actually do care about her. Unlike you apparently.” He opened the front door. “Get out this house, now, and don’t you ever go near Joni again, you asshole. If you do, you’ll wish you’d never done what you just did to her.”

            John smiled. “No problem. I want nothing more to do with her anyway.” And he sauntered from the house.

            Kyle closed the door. God, he felt so stupid. Why did he not think about what John was going to do. John had done this before to other girls. He just hoped Kaitlynne and Taylor wouldn’t kill him. He hurried downstairs, where he saw the couple sitting, talking.

            “Kaitlynne, Taylor, I think we need to take Joni home now,” he said, approaching them.

            Kaitlynne shot up, worried. “She’s not drunk again is she?”

            “Worse than that,” Kyle said.

            “What do you mean, worse than that?” Taylor asked.

            Kyle didn’t want to say this, but knew he had to. “I think she was just taken advantage of.”

            “What do you mean?” Kaitlynne asked.

            Kyle kicked himself mentally. “I think one of the guys at the party… I think they just had sex with her, and she wasn’t even aware of it. She’s doesn’t know what’s happened… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean for this to happen… I should’ve kept an eye on her… I’m sorry, Kaitlynne.”

            Kaitlynne knew it wasn’t Kyle’s fault. “It’s alright. Take me to her.”

            “I’ll call Isaac,” Taylor said, and pulled out his cell phone.

            Kyle led Kaitlynne up to the second floor, where Joni lay beside a pile of vomit.

            “Not again…” Kaitlynne knelt by her sister. She looked up at Kyle. “Thank you for telling me.”

            Kyle put a hand on Kaitlynne’s shoulder. “You’re welcome. And I’m really sorry, I didn’t know this was going to happen to her…”

            “Isaac’s on his way,” Taylor said, coming up the stairs. “He’ll be here shortly.”

            Isaac rushed inside the house, and up to where Joni lay on the second floor. He saw Kyle, and his temper flared.

            “You bastard.” He pushed Kyle. “How could you do this to her? Huh? How could you let this happen to her? You son of a bitch… look at what you did to her!”

            “Isaac!” Kaitlynne yelled, grabbing Isaac’s arm. “It wasn’t Kyle’s fault… Yes, he let her drink, but that’s not the worst of it.”

            “What the fuck do you mean, not the worst of it?!” Isaac snapped.

            Kyle sighed. “I think one of the other guests took advantage of her.”

            Isaac looked down at Joni. “What? Oh my God… You’ve got to be kidding me.”

            Kyle shook his head. “No… he left smiling, and she’s not the only one he’s done this to. I kicked him out, but when I saw Joni, she was confused… I don’t think she even realizes what happened.”

            “Obviously! She’s drunk!” Isaac yelled.

            “Isaac, calm down, please,” Taylor pleaded. “It’s not Kyle’s fault. He’s the one who got Kaity and I. Now c’mon, we’ve got to get her home before we attract too much of a crowd.” A small crowd was already gathered.

            Isaac took in a deep breath to calm down. “Alright. Let’s get out of here.”

            A moan came from Joni, on the floor. Isaac kneeled down, and brushed her hair from her face. “Who did this, Joni? Who did this to you?”

            Joni looked up at Isaac. She recognized the voice, but only slightly. It was swimmy, and her world was so blurry. Her head throbbed, and her stomach hurt. “John… I think… I-think-his-name-was-John,” she slurred.

            Kyle nodded. “It was… Listen, I’m really sorry… If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll do it… I didn’t know this was going to happen, and I can understand if you’re mad at me…”

            Isaac sighed. “I’m sorry too. I know it’s not your fault. Now, help us get her to the car.” He picked Joni up carefully, and Kyle quickly opened each and every door they came across, until they got Joni in the back of Isaac’s car.

            “I’ll let you know how she is,” Kaitlynne said. “And thank you for telling us.”

            Kyle nodded. “I’m sorry… Tell her I’m sorry.”

            “We will,” Taylor said, and shut the door.

            Isaac drove them back to his place, where they got Joni onto the couch. Walker and Diana were now up.

            “What happened?”

            Kaitlynne and Taylor explained what Kyle had told them.

            “Oh my Dear Lord,” Diana gasped. “What else can this girl possibly go through?”

            Nobody answered. Nobody could say anything. Now all they had to do was wait for her to wake up, and wait to see if anything would become of that awful night. They all hoped this would never happen again. Joni had been through too much.

Chapter Twelve