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Weak and Broken
Chapter Twelve
Weak And Broken
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Chapter Twelve

Lost Without Each Other

April 15, 1998

Tulsa, Oklahoma


            Joni got up and went to the bathroom. She should have started her period by now. It was late, actually. Joni started to get worried. She was now aware of what John had done to her. She hated him for it. She had taken her virginity and, though she had liked it at the time, it didn’t seem all that glamorous now. She knew it was partly her fault for getting drunk, but it felt so damn good and made her forget everything, if only for a night.

            She knew she had to go to school today, but she really needed to go to the doctor to see about her delayed period. She got Kaitlynne up and, while Kaitlynne was in the shower, Joni called Ike. She didn’t know how much he knew about these kinds of things, if he did at all, but she knew he was the only one that understood her like he did. Kaitlynne was runner-up. When she called, Diana picked up. Joni asked to speak to Isaac and waited a few minutes while Diana attempted to wake Isaac up.

            “Are you alright, Joni?” Isaac asked immediately.

            “I… I dunno, Ike.”

            “What’s wrong?”

            “My period’s late… Do you think?”

            “Oh fuck…”

            “Isaac! Watch your mouth!” Joni could hear Diana screech.

            “Sorry Mom,” Isaac apologized, “Are you sure? I mean… shouldn’t it be later before you can even tell?”

            “I don’t know, Ike! I’ve never gone through this before,” Joni screamed, more out of panic than anger.

            “Well, you definitely have PMS,” he laughed, “Do you need my help with anything?”

            “I need to go to the doctors or something, I guess. If you take me, they’ll definitely get me in sooner.”

            “Oh, so you’re gonna use me for my fame?” he asked jokingly.

            “Not necessarily…”

            “Oh really?” he laughed.

            “Ike, c’mon! I’m serious!”

            “Sorry Joni…”

            Joni wanted to cry every time she heard his sweet voice. He was so sweet even after she had cheated on him. He was even sweet and calm after she told him that she may be pregnant. She didn’t know why he was so sweet even after all that. She didn’t understand it. Why? That was the least of her worries at this point. She needed to find out whether or not she was pregnant without Kaitlynne finding out. She decided to take Kaitlynne to school and then drive back home so Isaac could take her to the doctor.

            “Joni… Earth to Joni…”

            “Huh? Oh… sorry Ike. I was just thinking… I don’t want Kaity to find out.”

            “Yet you’re talking that loud?”

            “She’s in the shower.”

            “Oh. So what’s your plan?”

            “I’ll drop her off at school and drive back.”

            “And when you have makeup work?”

            “She doesn’t know how much homework I have each day. She won’t have a clue.”

            “But what if you really are… you know…”

            “I dunno, Ike. I don’t know anything anymore. I just… I want my life back…”

            “I know.”

            “I have to go, Ike,” Joni informed him, “Kaity’s ready to go.”

            “Alright. Bye.”


            Kaitlynne finished brushing her hair and looked at Joni expectantly. Stood up, in her pajamas still, and grabbed my keys off the dresser.

            “You’re gonna go to school like that?”

            “No, I don’t feel very well. Let’s go.”

            “If you don’t feel well, you shouldn’t even be driving, Joni. You didn’t drink anything last night, did you?”



            “I drank water, Kaity. Chill out.”

            “I’m gonna call Ike and see if he and Tay can drive me.”

            “I’ll be fine, Kaity. Really. I just can’t go to school today.”

            “You’d go to school if Aunt Lynda and Uncle Jacob were here!”

            “Kaity, drop it, okay?”

            Kaitlynne finally gave in and allowed Joni to drive her to school. Joni drove back home and got dressed before going across the street. She met Isaac outside. Diana chased him outside, probably to interrogate Joni for not being in school. Joni buried her face in her hands and sighed before facing Diana, who was already two inches from her.

            “Why aren’t you in school, young lady?!”

            “I don’t feel well…”

            “Oh really?” Diana asked, “Than why are you coming over here, fully dressed?”

            “Would you rather me come over naked? I can,” Joni joked.

            “No, I’d rather you tell me the truth,” she demanded.

            “Diana… I think I’m… Well, you know how I was…”

            “She thinks she’s pregnant,” Isaac explained.

            “Oh God… Joni, are you sure?”

            “I dunno. Ike’s taking me to the doctor.”

            “Do you need me to go?”

            “Nah, I think I’ll be okay with Ike there. He’s a good mentor.”

            “Mentor?” Isaac scoffed, “Hardly.”

            “Oh, just hush-up and come on.”

            Isaac and Joni got in the car and headed towards the doctor’s office. Isaac waited in the waiting room while Joni was with the doctor. Just as she had expected, the doctor had seen her first because she was with a rock star. Typical. Isaac picked up a random magazine and found an article that caught his interest. He began reading, waiting for Joni to return.

            In the office, Joni sat on one of those adjustable beds that was uncomfortable beyond all reason. She picked at the thin piece of paper on the bed. The doctor was determining the results of her pregnancy test. The doctor returned and Joni looked up, still playing with the paper on the bed. Joni held her breath as the doctor read the results. She would be lost without Ike, she decided as she waited to hear the results. He was the greatest. Once she heard the results, she thanked the doctor and left the room. When Isaac saw her, he stood, setting the magazine aside.


            “Ike,” she mumbled, “I’m pregnant.”

Chapter Thirteen