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Weak and Broken
About Beccy
Weak And Broken
Pictures That Make You Wonder
About Beccy
About Jenn

             Hey guys! My name's Beccy and, though Jenn and I write the stories on this site together, I do all of the site editing. Don't give me all the credit though, because Jenn comes up with some of the little extra pages like Obsessed... I am obsessed with more than Hanson. I am really big into their whole family, actually. I am also big into music of all kinds. The "Are You Listening" campaign hits close to home with me. I love the whole concept. I hate all these new age bands that wouldn't know real music if it crawled up their butt and came out their ear and whispered, "Hello. I'm music." A lot of it has a good sound, but most of it isn't even the artist's work. One of the reasons I love Hanson so much is their down-to-earth outlook on music. Enough of that. I'll make a rambling page about the same time Jenn does. Haha. Anyways... I got into Hanson near the end of 2000. My "brother" got sick of me playing MMMBop on repeat when I went over to his mom's house, so he gave me his copy of Three Car Garage. After that, I bought This Time around and things went on from there.
             I haven't been writing near as long as Jenn has. I only started writing the summer before my 6th grade year and I'm in 9th grade now. I'm nowhere near as good as she is at writing either. I get ideas for stories all the time, but only about half as much as Jenn. Haha. She's gonna have to replace the gears in her head soon if they keep spinning so fast. But she's a great writer. I'm worse off than her though because I always start stories, get stuck, and delete them or tear them out of my spiral. But writing is a great way to escape, so I always have new stories.