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Weak and Broken
Weak And Broken
Pictures That Make You Wonder
About Beccy
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This story is FAKE. This is a fan fiction. Fiction means fake story. Fan means freak obsessed with a certain person, place or thing. Therefore, this is a  fake story written by two freaks obsessed with Hanson.

If you would like to critisize us about our fanfiction, please feel free to do so. I have no problem with it whatsoever. It will improve my writing. If you would like to critisize Hanson, do that too. I can delete your emails. Duh blondie. If you're still stupid enough to send negative feedback for other reasons than to tell us what we can do better, send me an email here:

If you want to comment us on our lovely work, please use the comment form on our Comments page. I'll thank you here, in advance, if you do send us a comment.