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Weak and Broken
Weak And Broken
Pictures That Make You Wonder
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Hint: Purple star means Jenn is guilty and blue star means I am guilty.
You know you're obsessed with Hanson when...

...every dream you have, day or night, involves Hanson.*'re in music class and you are playing Hanson songs instead of what you're supposed to be playing.** write stories and ALL of them have Hanson in them - even the ones for school.** play a Hanson song in your school talent show.*

...all of the other pictures you have on your computer don't add up to half as many Hanson pictures as you have on there.**

...the first thing you attempt to draw is one of your Hanson posters.*

...all you listen to is Hanson.* can't remember what color your walls are because you've had your room wallpapered with Hanson posters for so long. rent a tour bus to follow Hanson around in on their tour.

...all your jewelry is Hanson merchandice. spend all your money just to buy a copy of Boomerang and MMMBop. yell, scream, sing along, and dance everytime Hanson is on TV - and kiss the screen when no one's looking.** yell at your radio or TV to play Hanson.**

...the only music you have on your computer is Hanson.'re able to quote Hanson.** know the documentary trailer for Strong Enough To Break better than you know the back of your hand.** can't help but laugh everytime somebody unintentionally says the name of a Hanson song in their sentences.** have memorized every line from every single video they've made - and almost every facial expression.* buy the Princess Diaries movie and soundtrack just to hear Wake Up. buy Jack Frost just to hear Merry Christmas Baby, Good Lovin', and Gimmie Some Lovin'. buy Being John Malcovich just to see Hanson's two second cameo. buy Frank McClusky C.I. just to see Hanson.* know that MMMBop played backwards is poBMMM because you've seen ALL  the Isaac and other Hanson quotes you can.* stay up until midnight to see a Hanson video at #1 on a countdown because you missed it at the earlier time.** flip out everytime you meet another fan.** think all their cover songs are better than the originals - and they are.* sleep outside the venue in hopes of meeting Hanson.

...your mother can sing or hum along to every song on all their albums.*

...your parents know who sings what part - even if they've never heard that particular song before.* get a non-Hanson fan to play a Hanson song - and they enjoy it.**