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Weak and Broken

Chapter Two

Weak And Broken
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Chapter Two


January 15, 1998

Tulsa, Oklahoma


            Kaitlynne and Joni looked up at their new home. They had never visited Uncle Jacob and Aunt Lynda at their house. It was always the other way around. It had taken Kaitlynne and Joni a while to pack and then it took this couple forever and a half to decide whether they wanted the house or not. Come to think of it, they hadn’t even decided when Jacob and Lynda left. John’s friend had promised to put the money in the bank as soon as the house was sold. He was a banker, so they trusted him, although he did get part of the money for doing the job.

            All the girls’ stuff had been sent to the house already. The hired movers had even taken a floor plan of the rooms that were to be theirs and arranged the furniture the way Kaitlynne and Joni wanted it. All they had to do was put away the clothes and other stuff they had kept with them. Joni took a deep breath and stretched her hand towards Kaitlynne, encouraging her to take it. Kaitlynne smiled and grabbed her sister’s hand as they walked inside together.

            Kaitlynne and Joni split up once they were upstairs so they could each look at their rooms. When Joni had seen her room and set her stuff neatly on the floor, she walked down the hall to Kaitlynne’s room. Kaitlynne was humming a little tune as she hung pictures of she and Joni with their mom and dad on the wall above her bed. Joni waited for a second before Kaitlynne noticed she was there and turned to face her with a huge smile on her face.

            “Hey Joni,” she greeted.

            “Hey Kaity,” Joni replied, sitting on her sister’s bed, “Do you want to go do something?”

            “You mean there’s actually something to do in Tulsa?” Kaitlynne laughed.

            “I don’t know, Kaity,” Joni answered, “But even if there’s not, we have to do something. We can’t just sit here and mourn. Mum and Dad wouldn’t have it. You and I both know that.”

            “Alright,” Kaitlynne agreed, “Let me slip my shoes on and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

            Joni retreated downstairs to tell Jacob and Lynda where she and Kaitlynne were going. They approved just as Kaitlynne appeared downstairs. They waved goodbye and walked outside, debating which way to go. The two agreed on one way and started walking down the street, hand in hand. They talked about everything and nothing all at the same time. When they saw a family pull into their driveway and get out of a large white van, they stopped. The father picked up a small girl, no older than eight, and hoisted her onto his shoulders, the girl laughing the whole time. A smaller boy and another girl that was about ten or eleven followed the man inside. Three older boys smiled and laughed. One saw Kaitlynne and Joni and grinned, nudging the other two. They headed in the girls’ direction.

            “Hi,” the oldest one greeted, “I’m Isaac.”

            “Hi,” Joni replied, “I’m Joni and this is Kaitlynne.”

            “Hey,” he smiled, acknowledging Kaitlynne, “This is Taylor and Zac.”

            “Hello,” Kaitlynne mumbled, “Is your mom inside?”

            “No,” Taylor grinned, “We just saw her at the hospital.”

            “Is she okay?” Kaitlynne asked, scared for the three boys in front of her and the younger kids that head already gone inside.

            “Yeah,” Zac assured, “She just had a baby!”

            Tears welled up in Kaitlynne’s eyes and she turned, dashing back towards the house. Joni ran after her and the three boys ran after Joni. To any by passer, they probably looked completely retarded. Kaitlynne ran inside and ignored her aunt and uncle as she bounded up the stairs two at a time. She locked herself in her room and sat at her dresser, looking in the mirror. Her reflection was anything but glamorous. Her eyes had dark bags under them and she was as pale as those people in The Addams Family. As her older sister entered the room, Kaitlynne vowed to not cry anymore. She was going to be as happy as ever. The three boys apologized for anything they had said to upset her and she forgave them, of course. It wasn’t their fault. The boys soon had to leave for dinner and Joni went to her room after seeing that Kaitlynne was okay. Kaitlynne glanced at her reflection one last time before exiting the room to wash up for dinner.

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